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Geo Tours rafting Denver, CO — Clear Creek, Arkansas River & the Colorado River

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1/2-Day, All-Day, Multi-Day

The rivers that Geo Tours run – Clear Creek, the Upper Colorado, and the Arkansas River offer leisurely float trips to heart-pounding whitewater. Choose your river trip based on preference or ability since they are all easy to access from Geo Tours Denver, Colorado. Depending on how much time you have, we’ve got the trip you are looking for. Ask us about the perfect trip for your level of ability.

38 Years Experience

Geo Tours Denver has been putting the FUN in rafting adventures since 1981 and is celebrating it’s 39th year under the same management. We are a small rafting company and that’s just the way we like it! Our size allows us to provide you with a personalized rafting experience. Geo uses state of the art equipment and places a high priority on safety. We are not just thrill seekers, but fun-seekers.

20 Minutes From Denver

Geo Tours is headquartered in the small town of Morrison, Colorado. Morrison is easy to get to from anywhere in the Denver Metro Area. Morrison is located 3.3 miles south of Interstate 70 at Exit 259 or just west of C-470 at the Morrison Road Exit. Meet us in Morrison or at the river put-in. Transportation can also be arranged for those wishing to meet in the Metro Denver Area.

Now Accepting Reservations for the 2019 Raft Season

Early in the season snow pack amounts in the mountains are currently much above normal. Although we can expect change with regards to snow pack in the coming months, this is a strong indicator for good water levels this coming summer. Contact Geo at 800-660-7238 with questions you have about future trips.

Clear Creek

(Class I to IV) is located near Idaho Springs, Colorado, minutes from Geo’s Morrison base, Clear Creek is the closest “true” whitewater rafting to Denver. Half-day morning or afternoon rafting runs available.



The Arkansas River

(Class III to IV) – Geo Tours has been running raft trips on the Arkansas River since the early 1980’s and maintains an excellent safety record. All raft trips launch in or near Buena Vista, Colorado.



The Upper Colorado

(Class I to III) boasts picturesque canyons and valleys, easily accessible from Denver because we do the driving! We offer 1-Day, Overnight, 2-Day, 3-Day, and 4-Day rafting expeditions for all ages.



Paddle Raft, Oar Raft or Inflatable Kayaks

Your choice of adventures include Paddle Raft where you help control your raft and assist the guide, or you can sit back in an Oar Raft and enjoy the rapids while your guide does most of the work. Inflatable Kayaks are also available on some stretches.
Certain options may be unavailable on specific trips or in times of high water conditions.

Geo Tours Whitewater Raft Trips BBB Business Review

Winner of a Gold Star Certificate from BBB Denver/Boulder, 2014 – for having no complaints in a three-year period.

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